Thursday, April 14, 2011

finally sent it

Yesterday I sent out the application for my marriage and family therapy license. So, after 4 years and a lot of disappointments, the final part of the career journey has begun. I'm kind of in shock right now, and won't jinx it by expecting things to go smoothly up in albany. The Office of Professions is notorious for losing entire applications. I've copied and sent is signed receipt requested, too, to head off any excuses. Cross the digits that things will go well and I'll get my permit number in a month or two.

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DorianTB said...

Anniebird, I understand your concerns about your application going through smoothly. Whenever I have to mail something crucial, I go wild with Priority Mail and Delivery Confirmation, and I check the USPS Web site every day until my mail arrives. Good luck, my friend!