Saturday, November 15, 2008

The first of my blindness poems

I wrote this one last year after the retinal specialist told me the macula in both eyes was in an adbanced stage of atrpphy and it was only a matter of time before I'd lose what is left of my vision.

The purpose of expressing my personal expereince is twofold: for my own benefit and to help other folks going through something similar. So, if you know someone who might find some good from these words, please pass it on.

BY Ann Chiappetta

Old ways are replaced
like the beasts Sent to slaughter
after the invention of combustion engines.

The beloved written word
the character patterns that enthralled Have gone.
Printing press and paperback are inaccessible
thoughThe desire to hold and smell books
Put the paper close to an ear and thumb the thickness
Delight in the nose-tingling swish of air
pulpy and acridRemains
akin to a craving.
The act itself
The devouring of pages
is lost to macular degeneration
physical contact thwarted by
Blurred vision, sensory affliction
The death of an eye

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DorianTB said...

I'm liking your blog so far, and your poem, ORBITUARY, particularly moved me. The sensory details are poignant and stunning; I felt like I was there with a good old-fashioned book in my hands. If I was rating ORBITUARY with my Critical Criteria from LinkOnline or FiDO, I'd give ORBITUARY an A+! (I remember reading an earlier version of this. Did you expand on it, or is my memory playing tricks on me? :-))